Identifying disruptions and risks in acquisition of a foreign company by U.S. manufacturer. Identified actual and probable economic/financial, political, social, cultural, and regulatory disruptions and risks, leading to the client’s restructuring the acquisition. 

Causing Disruption. Designed and executed a new-entrant’s product-placement strategy and tactics that disrupted established competitors by highlighting the quality of the client’s technical products and customized, personal service to the user. 

Advising multi-company industrial group on risks in foreign markets. Identified regulatory disruptions and risks in multi-country markets, resulting in revamping of entry and product placement strategies and tactics, and selection and positioning of distribution channels. 

Identifying socio-cultural, political, and international drivers in construction of major hydroelectric project. Focused on disruptions and risks created by the counter-project activities of foreign entities and ethnic communities that delayed the project’s construction; suggested counter-disruption strategies and tactics.

Advising U.S. communications/marketing company on entry into a foreign market. Advised executives on how to identify and protect against social, political, regulatory, and financial disruptions and risks in a volatile foreign market. 

Non-Boolean reputation/perception research and analysis of consumer products and competitive positioning.  Conducted market-perception research and analysis of a consumer product to identify the drivers of users’ preferences and consequent marketing and sales strategies and tactics to retain market dominance. This was done by using unconventional methodology that goes beyond traditional Boolean logic. Unlike conventional searches that are restricted to thirty-two (32) words, we applied proprietary technology that searches hundreds of keywords, incorporating local language usage and slang expressions, in multiple languages.  We performed structured, repeatable, and rigorous source-evaluation reliability, using methodology designed to discover pro-and-con biases regarding the analyzed product.


Labor and Management Relations. Designed and delivered customized perception analysis of labor preferences, suggesting how to avoid disruptions in relations between labor and management.